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Pendoylan Community Council

Pendoylan Community Council consists of eight Councillors living in the main village of Pendoylan and various hamlets within the parish. The Councillors are drawn from a wide section of the community and seek to ensure that all elements of the Community are fully represented.

The Community Council meets once a month, usually on the second Thursday of the month, at Pendoylan Church in Wales School. The meetings are advertised well in advance and the public invited to attend. There is a provision on the Agenda for the public to address the meeting and voice any concerns.

The Community Council is solely funded through the Council Tax and unlike the County Council, receive no Government Grant. The Council employs a clerk but has no other employees. The Councillors have historically not drawn any allowances or expenses. There are a number of volunteers who undertake work within the Community such as grass cutting and hedge trimming and Councillors also often carry out maintenance work within the Community on a voluntary basis.

The Community Council undertakes the maintenance and provision of open spaces including grass amenity areas, maintenance of the community orchard and the provision of allotments. In addition to this the Community Council provides and maintains many of the public seats and notice boards in the area. There are a number of volunteers who undertake work within the Community such as grass cutting and Councillors also often carry out maintenance work within the Community on a voluntary basis. The Community Council provides annual grants to the Church and the Chapel for maintenance of their grounds.

Pendoylan Community Council is active on behalf of local residents in seeking to bring pressure on the County Council and Welsh Assembly Government to carry out its functions and duties particularly in relation to highways, footways (pavements), public rights of way and the provision of amenities. It seeks to help promote and support voluntary leisure and charitable activities and has an interest in any matter which can affect the lives of local residents - planning matters and use of funds held by the County Council arising from planning permissions are a particular concern.

To promote the community spirit the Community Council organises 2 Community events each year, the summer BBQ and the Christmas Celebration providing a venue for members of the Community meet in an informal setting.

A Little bit of History


In 1954 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Major Westby presented the Parish Council with a chain of office bearing the insignia of the Parish Council.

Sixty years earlier Parish Councils had been established under the Local Government Act of 1894. The first Parish Meeting under the Act of 1894 was held at the schoolroom on Tuesday the 4th day of Dec 1894 at 7 o'clock pm. The Rev'd T.H. Lewis, vicar, was elected chairman of that meeting. A poll was held in the village on Monday 17th December 1894 to elect members to the Parish Council and Messrs Evan Jones, farmer, Plwcca, Edwin Day, labourer, Glan Nantfach, Richard Bassett, farmer, Brynhelygan, Mr John Rowlands, farmer, Maesarel, Mr E Jenkin Williams, architect, Trehedyn House, were duly elected to the Parish Council.

The first Parish Council meeting was held on Wednesday the 2nd January 1894 at 7.30 pm. The Rev'd T H Lewis was elected Chairman of the Parish Council. Mr Edward Jenkin Williams was elected Vice Chairman. Mr Thomas Watts was appointed clerk to the Parish Council without remuneration for the first year and Mr Marshall, London and Provincial Bank, Cowbridge, was appointed Treasurer.

The business conducted on that day was to arrange a meeting with the Charity Commissioner about the Charities belonging to the Parish and to write to the District Survey regarding the state of the culvert below Pendoylan House and the state of the road at Tredodridge.

The Act of 1894 transferred certain powers of the Parish Vestry to the Parish Council and the Parish Council took over the responsibility of the management of Pendoylan Parish Houses Charity/The Charities of Earl Talbot and Philip John (Church Row) electing themselves en bloc as trustees. The Council also appointed representatives to the management of the village school.

During the Second World War the Council organised the civil volunteers necessary to support the war efforts and during the 1930s and 1940s were instrumental in introducing modern technology to the village. Two of special significance being the installation of a Public Telephone Kiosk in 1939 and the supply of electricity to the Parish of Pendoylan in the late 1940s.

Since the Coronation there are still many similarities with the work done by the now Community Council, which came into existence after Parish Councils were abolished in Wales on the31st March 1974 and the Parish Council of 1895. The Council still meets at 7.30pm in the School (but now on Thursdays). It is still concerned with the state of footpaths, roads and culverts in the parish. It still appoints representatives to the Parish Houses Charity and the Board of Governors of the Village School. But in recent years the emphasis has changed to trying to maintain the rural nature of the Community. Planning matters and traffic problems are usually high on the agenda together with items aimed at improving the local environment.